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Warning: This story contains erotic scenes between male furry creatures. If you do not like that, or are not of an age considered "adult" in your country/state/province, or other, related, geo-political unit, PLEASE STOP NOW!. I refuse to be held responsible for any fantasies or even wondrous thoughts this story may generate if you continue.

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OK, that's enough preachification . . Enjoy!!

Once upon a time, there was a forest.  And, as is the habit of forests of that type, it was filled with a multitude of furry creatures.  Very friendly furry creatures.  To say that the inhabitants of this forest were friendly with each other would be one of the universes greatest understatements!  Well… let’s just say that every bathroom, in every little house in the forest, had a toothbrush holder with at least ten slots, because you could never tell who was going to be staying over.

Anyhoo… I’m getting ahead of myself! 

Now… where was I?  Oh, yes… In one of those little houses lived a rabbit named Thail.  Oh, he was just the cutest little bunny you could imagine!  As we start our story, thail was in his garden pulling up a few carrots for lunch.  As it would happen, just then Coyote, who was out for his daily constitutional, came around a bend in the path that wound its way right by Thail’s garden and spotted the bunny, bent over, pulling at a carrot.  Mesmerized by the appealing sight of Thail’s luscious posterior pointing skyward, Coyote stopped to appreciate the sight, nearly drooling over the shapely bunny-butt waving in the breeze.  Just watching was making him sooo horny!

After enjoying the view for several seconds longer than would be considered seemly, he finally announces his presence to the laboring lepine.  “Morning, Thail, howzit going?”

“Good morning, Edward,” replied the rabbit in a tone much colder than the Coyote would have preferred, and not bothering to turn from his work.

“Badger home?” he asked, knowing full-well that the bunny’s mate was still off on a business trip and wouldn’t be returning for a few more days.

Thail released his death grip on the carrot and straightened up, turning to face the ‘yote.  “No. Why do you ask?”

Coyote leaned carelessly against the white picket fence and slowly scratched the back of his furry neck. “Just be’in neighborly, that’s all. What with Badger being gone and all, I though you might be wantin’ some company.”

“Not from you, I don’t,” replied the bunny sharply,” pointing at the ‘yote with a carrot.

“Aww… What’s the matter, Thail? Don’t ya love me anymore?” drawled Ed, giving the bunny his slyest smile.

“You know damn well what’s the matter, Edward,” replied the rabbit in a wounded voice, one hand moving subconsciously to cover his tailhole.

“But it was an accident, lil’ buddy!  I thought I heard Badger commin’ home and…!”

“Yes, and you pulled out with your big fucking knot still stuck in my ass! I couldn’t walk right for a week after that!” shouted the outraged rabbit.

“Come on, Cutesy, gimme another chance!”

“Go… Away!” shouted Thail, throwing his carrot on the ground as the tears started to flow down his fluffy cheeks.

“Oh… you wound me Rabbit,” Ed sulked, looking down at his big feet so the rabbit wouldn’t see his wicked smile.

“Wound you?  Ha! I was the one wearing a bandage on my ass for three days!“ the bunny sobbed, pounding his furry chest.

“Aww… How many times do I gotta say I’m sorry?”

“Once would have sufficed. But all you did was dive out the window with your dick between your legs!  Left me bleeding all over the bed, you did!” bitterly replied Thail.

“Come here and let Coyote kiss it and make it all better,” Coyote crooned.

“Oh… you’re hopeless,” sighed the bunny, relenting a bit. He’d really enjoyed their time together, until those last few moments. But…Coyote really did have a big one, and it had been sooo long since Bunny’d had it!

With feigned reluctance, the rabbit slowly ambled over to the fence, leaning against it just opposite the Coyote. “So… you really want to kiss it?” he whispered sexily.

Without bothering to answer, Ed vaulted the low fence and swept the bunny into his furry arms. “Oh yes,” he moaned, “I’ll kiss it and lick it and make it feel all better!”

Bunny started to giggle. Already, the rabbit’s little pink carrot was peeking from its furry sheath.  Coyote looked down and gave it a tender, wet lick, causing Thail to squeal with delight.

“Come on, you cute little feller. Time’s a-waistin’!” howled Coyote as he rushed into the rabbit’s house and dumped him onto the bed.  Faster than you could say ‘lickity-split’, Ed had the bunny’s butt-cheeks split and was going at the lickity part with gusto!

“Ooooooo!!” cooed Thail as the ‘yote’s long, slobbery tongue wormed its warm way up his nether passage.  Soon, the bunny was practically ripping the sheets in the throws of passion as Ed gave him the ass-munching of his life.  “Oooo…Take me… Take me, you big studly coyote. Just don’t tie with me again!” he babbled into the mattress.

“Aooooo!  Ya, baby! Ya! Who’s yer daddy!” howled Ed as he gleefully reeled in his tongue and positioned his dripping dick on the verge of the quivering bunny’s glistening opening.  With a single mighty shove and a delighted squeal from the bunny, he hilted his throbbing doghood up to the knot in the warm, wet rabbit colon and commenced a furious pounding, his gray hips flying  in a blur of motion.

Thail was in ecstasy and began shouting, “Oh ya…daddy, shred that carrot in me!”  As a matter of fact, he was so far gone, he didn’t even notice when the coyote’s big doggy knot popped into his ass and began to swell, making the bunny feel like he was going to burst at the seams.

“Aoooooooooooo!!!” howled the coyote as he came, gushing his hot doggy-spunk into the delirious rabbit, driving him over the edge too.

As the two shuddered and spasmed through their monumental orgasms, Ed fell onto his side, dragging the sticky rabbit with him. After a long while of mutual panting and moaning, Thail tried to roll away from the coyote, only to find his ass glued to Ed’s crotch.  “I thought you said you wouldn’t tie with me again!” he whined.

“Hrm… I guess I got carried away there,” giggled the coyote.  “Well at least we’re in no hurry this time,” he said, snuggling up to his fuzzy mate.

“Ya,” sighed the bunny, “Badger won’t be home for three more days and we’ve got all the time in the world.”

Just then, the front door banged open, followed by a deep, male voice.

“Oh, Bunny…I’m home!”


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