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December 19, 1997 Version 1.0
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H'Settu's Ninth Prophecy
Written by the hand of H'Settu of Akkit IV
37,251 standard years before the Fall of
Martyred Teehem

Of the Last Days, their count is Nine. The Seeds of Doom are Three. One shall die and One shall fail, but One shall plant its Spawn.

In the Last Days while mountains fall, the sky grows dark. The Ground shall tremble with Teehem's grievous Pain.

In the Last Days the Seas shall mount in waves that wash the Sky.

In the Last Days Teehem's Blood flows flaming red from chasms that span the Wounded Land.

In the Last Days they shall Pray for Claws and Fangs to Rend the Spawn of Seeds of Bitterest Regret.

Upon the Last Day, he who sits astride the Onyx Throne, will forswear Peace and die, a Curse upon his blood-clad lips.

With Last Day past and Sorrow rife, Senn-Father shall claim His own, Teehem in Gravity's Embrace. The broken Body of His Child.

When Night is near and Help afar, new Children shall Arise. With Claw and Fang and Vengeance dire, their Toll in Blood be writ.

On New First Day S'Challh shall be Found, bearing Redemption's Sacred Flame. Two Ways shall meet, Two Kinds shall Merge. The Circle shall be Complete.

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