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March 14, 1997 Version 3.0
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Duty Report: PackCaptain Raall: Commander of Imperial Watchers:
Gendas III Expedition
DayCycle 73 / SubCycle 6


At 4.10.2 SubCycles: the Human Andrew, sire of The One, arrived and was escorted by Councilor Aarrl to the Portal site. This Human is ill at ease with us, as we bear too close a resemblance to the native fauna and thus The Progenitors. [Watcher / Third / Ruunn reported she thought the Human almost voided at his first sight of the Councilor].

At 4.11 SubCycles: the Priest Heffnss arrived with the Gravity Harp. The ritual commenced Immediately upon Alignment. The S'Challh forged the Portal as predicted. Portal designation is recorded as: Taahas 1033 / Gendas 1. Stability without augmentation is 9.94 x 10-17. Well within limits, allowing for quantum interference.

At 4.12.5 SubCycles: Her Highness Princess Orrunn emerged from the Portal. The One had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and was carried through the Portal by Her Highness. At her command, the Human, Andrew accompanied.

At 4.14.9 SubCycles: A Portal controller was installed and set to stand-by closure, with control transferred to Taahas.

At 4.16.3 SubCycles: the Gravity Harp departed for rendezvous with SoulRipper.

At 4.17 SubCycles: the full compliment of Watchers and the priest Heffnss were removed to the shuttle and returned to SoulRipper. All traces of activity on Gendas III have been eradicated, including all Gendas-based Human sensor recordings.

Observation / Personal: The One is strong! He has forged an unaugmented Portal spanning 42.1 light-years.. I pray that God wills he live. He has many qualities that appeal to the Lupine Soul. He will be a fit Companion for Her Highness.
Note: The second most distant Portal, Teff 702 / Urrn 1, spans 37.9 light-years

Addendum: Ground vehicles of the One and his sire have been lifted to SoulRipper for safe keeping. Will monitor Portal activity indicative of the eventual return of the Human Andrew from Taahas.

Sealed With His Scent:
PackCaptain Raall: Commander of Imperial Watchers:
Gendas III Expedition

Thus Ends Part I

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