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January 3, 1997 Version 2.01
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Aarrl's Report 1


Inclusion (Translation)

Duty Report: Aarrl of the Line of Savv, 103rd of that name / Second Councilor:
Gendas III Expedition
DayCycle 49 / SubCycle 9
A Report To Her Imperial Person, Tirrnn / Empress on Taahas

We have achieved cloaked solar orbit one million glem from Gendas III. Long range bio-sensors verify that this is in truth the planet of the Progenitors The Patrons be Praised!. It is also teeming with intelligence. The Children of Gendas are of an unknown morphology, bipedal, yet unlike any Sennal species. It is considered a certainty by the T'Roann that The One is of this species (very strange).

As I record this, the mental essence of The One has been detected. The signature is unmistakable. Such a enormous coincidence that The S'Challh should be found on Gendas III, the home of the Progenitors. The T'Roann estimates it will reach synthesis in regards to the local modes of electronic communication and language within ten dayCycles. At that time it will attempt communication with The One.

PackCaptain Raall has expressed great concern as to the huge amounts of fissile material that seems to be strewn about the surface of the planet below. Most have the signature of Plutonium based weapons. No small number are thermonuclear. It is ironic that such unstable creatures should inherit the planet of the Progenitors.

Regardless, Two suffer and we will do that which we have spanned the light-years to accomplish.

* * * *

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