Stories from the GravityMusic Universe

The word "GravityMusic (one word) is Copyrighted 1997 - 2006 By G. Dallman

This is the story of one man's transcendence beyond Humanity and
the deliverance of an entire alien civilization, spanning a period
of 14,000 years.

Warning! Due to the nature of some of the stories on this page, if you
are under 18 years old, or find subject matter with an adult content
offensive, Click Here.

Note: Read the stories in the order they're listed. They'll make more sense that way!
At times I will add new stories in the middle of the sequence.
Sooo... Look for the and   symbols!


*          The Author's true-to-life Adventure.
The Winthrop Expedition

*          These are the Story Notes. Think of this file as the GravityMusic dictionary.
Story Notes

*          A Prophecy from before the Beginning
H'Settu's Nine Prophecies

Part One
__________________ Stories of First Contact and The Forging _________________

*          Here is the opening (and very brief) chapter of the GravityMusic Saga.

*          Aarrl's first report.
Aarrl's Report

*          Enters our reluctant Hero, Howard Ripley.
Don't Go Out In The Woods Today

*          It's a Big Ship with a soul.

*          Howard learns a lesson (sometimes things aren't as easy as they look!)
In The Light Of Others' Expectations

*          Howard gets an offer he tries to refuse!
Frenzied Feeding     

*          Aarrl tells of the origins of the Sennal.
True Colors 

*          An unexpected Side-effect (Warning: Adult Situation!)
The Imperative

*          A brief look at Dirhal training
At the Firing Range

*          Our Hero gets a new Teacher.
Watch Your Step

*          One (Misstep for a Man!

*          Howard learns of a civilization's dark shame and the ultimate
purpose of his own existence.
A Secret

*          Howard gets another job! How many hats can one guy wear?
The Final Progenitor

*          You'll like this one. It gets Funny!!
The Hunt

*          Beam me!

*          Learning while Dead - or - OW!
The Gift That Keeps On Giving

*          Heffnss calls and the Earth answers!
The Hymn Of Dawn and The Awakening Anthrocentric Quantum Theory to the Max!

*          Howard Ripley, call home! (Warning: Adult language)
A Father's Surprise

*          An Alternate Future

*          Andrew meets the Sennal

*          When Worlds Align

*          The Portal is open, but at what Cost?
Across The Sundering Sea Of Stars  

*          The Title says it All
Soul's Desire

*          Thus Ends Part I
Raall's Report


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