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Here are the recent additions and changes to the Gravity Music Homepage:

*         September 16, 1998
Minor edits to "today1.html", including changes to GPS locations.

*         September 14, 1998
Repaired HTML code in "Teff".

*         September 12, 1998
"What's New" page created.

*         September 12, 1998
Added "The Winthrop Expedition" page and pictures.

*         January 24, 1999
Corrected title line in HTML source for "Teff" and "Soul's Desire".

*         September 18,1999
Dropped FurRing logos and code at bottom of splash page.

*         October 6, 1999
Updated "Across The Sundering Sea Of Stars" to Version 2.3

*         March 18, 2000
Changed email address (gerald.dallman@gte.net).

*         March 24, 2000
Changed email address again [sigh] (gerald.dallman2@gte.net) and fixed some broken links.

*         September 29, 2000
Fixed a couple of email address thingys that got away the first time.

*         November 4, 2001
Moved all files to new gravitymusic.org site and started tweaking files.

*         November 4, 2001
Changed email address to gd@gravitymusic.org (Hope I got all of them!).

*         May 19, 2006
At long last, I started fixing many of the broken files associated with migrating the site.

*         May 30, 2006
Made changes in “True Colors” to add the moon of Taahas, A’Semmis


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